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Reduce SEO Expenses and Risk & Increase SEO Profits

Are you looking to build your company’s in-house SEO team?

Get an unfair advantage over your competitors with our ground-breaking product: Psi SEO R&D Reports

Your competitors are all following the same canned SEO advice.  Break away from the pack with SEO based upon real SEO case study results and not on what sounds good.

Reduce SEO Expenses and Risk

Most companies have the most expensive and least likely to work plan for driving valuable organic search engine traffic to their website.  Our plan will cost you less money to implement AND be more likely to drive profitable traffic to your doors.

This situation is created by thousands of writers blogging about SEO online.  The vast majority of these people have never actually ranked a website (start to finish) themselves!  They just regurgitate what other people online are saying.

Furthermore, even if 100% of the publicly available content written about SEO online were accurate (its more like <1%), you still can’t truly understand SEO by reading about it.  Even if you or someone you hired spent 1 year reading every SEO article you could find about SEO, that would not be enough to be good at SEO.

As a result, the plan that most companies have for SEO and the actions that their SEO team takes are extremely inefficient.  Furthermore, there are often HUGE, yet easy to implement, SEO opportunities that pass companies by because of a lack of understanding.

Can you learn to be world class at basketball by reading about it?  No, you need to actually get your hands in there and do it!

Increase SEO Profits

Enter our Quarterly SEO R&D Reports of REAL SEO case studies. We have real websites with documented actions down to the day and what REAL effects those actions had on the growth or decline of Organic SEO traffic.

These R&D Reports effectively simulate the real world experience by giving your employees the chance to experience 1st hand each action and step that was taken to get (or not get!) real SEO results (or real SEO failures! Yes, we have failure testing case studies)

As a result, your company’s SEO will become more effective and your company will be more profitable with a less expensive SEO team than what you have or planned to have.

What does the Psi SEO R&D contain?

  • Help Hiring Inexpensively for SEO
    • Avoid the mistakes that 99% of companies with in-house SEO teams make when building their SEO team.
    • Your company will save money AND hire people more suited to be great at SEO
    • Don’t hire expensive “experienced” SEO people. Really great SEO people won’t work for your company for $70k/yr or even $100k/yr!
    • Your company can hire entry level people inexpensively — potentially saving your company tens of thousands of dollars every year.
    • Your company doesn’t need a big SEO team to crush your competition — your company really only needs 1 or, maybe 2, SEO people and that’s it.
  • Training on Understanding the Fundamentals of SEO
    • We bust through the common myths and half-truths that torpedo your SEO profitability.
    • Most of the actions that are recommended out there for SEO are not going to rank your website.  In other words, there’s an infinite amount of minutia that you can do with SEO that, while it technically helps, in actuality doesn’t move the needle.
    • STOP THE WASTE! We hate waste.
    • We show you how to work on the areas that will give your company the most SEO forward movement
    • We show you how to create an excellent SEO plan that will leave your competitors in the dust! Your current SEO plan is likely the same canned plan that your competitors have and, therefore, is not as likely to be profitable.
  • Quarterly SEO R&D Reports
    • Some case study results you have to believe to see!
    • The conclusions from some of these case studies CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE
    • Real case studies from real sites
    • Our list of case studies is regularly growing
    • We have local, national, and eCommerce case studies
    • Learn our biggest SEO secrets that your competitors don’t know!
    • We will give you our analysis of what the case study data means to tie it into the Fundamentals of SEO training

If this is something you’re interested in, contact us ASAP.

You will want to get started As Soon As Possible because as we get more customers and our R&D case study data grows, the value of the report increases and the price will have to increase!

If you buy now, your company will forever be locked into a low price.

Case Study Examples:

  • Going from zero organic traffic to over 13,000 in 4 months
  • Mind blowing example where a test website was penalized for every keyword except 1, where it remained ranked #1.  The implications of this case study alone could make your business millions.
  • Recovering a website from a Google penalty or filter — Get to know Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms better to avoid getting penalized in the 1st place.
  • Tripling the organic traffic for an eCommerce business in a competitive, profitable, and growing market
  • Ranking multiple large service businesses over many different locations
  • Ranking a law firm in a big city for valuable search phrases in less than 8 weeks
  • Examples of fighting a competitor doing Negative SEO to your website
  • Reputation Management examples
  • Getting to #1 for extremely valuable and competitive search phrases and staying there for long periods of time
  • Ranking in Google Maps — what really matters?
  • …and more that are growing every day