About Psi SEO

Psi SEO R&D Reports is the brain-child of David Hood.  David Hood has worked in SEO since 2009.  He has many successful SEO projects and years of SEO data and experience to lean on when it comes to doing SEO for himself and other companies.

He created Psi because of a large gap in the marketplace.  There are tens of thousands of companies that are hiring in-house SEO teams with SEO plans that are based on fundamental misunderstandings about SEO. As a result, these companies are wasting money AND decreasing their SEO profits.

David hates waste and seeks to eliminate much of this waste in companies by educating them on cost effective and exponentially higher profit generating activities via Psi.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can reduce your SEO expenses and increase your SEO profits!

Psi SEO is a division of Amplified Business Consulting LLC based in Texas.